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Upcoming Events for Goustevin Scotland

Summer Barbeque / Picnic ~ Sunday 16 August 2020

Regulars will not need to be reminded of this most pleasant annual summer event where we get together, enjoy our individual wines with like minded “winos” and barbeque our own food.......if you have not been to one yet, you don’t know what you have missed !

A pleasant, relaxed afternoon enjoying Scenic Views of Strathglass from the garden of our hostess, Karen Jarvis at her house at “Rhiconich”, Resaurie above Beauly. Minibus transport will be arranged – per person cost will be advised nearer the time as will pick up and drop off from / to a location in Inverness.

Back to one of our traditional 'at home' tastings, this time courtesy of new member Graham Vine at his house in Nairn, overlooking the Moray Firth (you might even spot a dolphin!!). Graham is going to organise a Champagne Tasting accompanied by fish pie – a very attractive sounding combination !

Being a house tasting, numbers will have to restricted to the first 25, bookable on a first come, first served basis – don’t miss out and contact Graham in good time, either on 01667 456781 or by email at

Transport arrangements to be confirmed, but options include minibus, or train from Inverness to Nairn and return, with taxis from the station to Graham’s house at 6 Fairways, Altonburn Road. Cost (excluding transport) will be around £35 per person.

Stop Press

We are just waiting info from Rouen about a proposed weekend in Champagne based in the lovely town of Troyes. A local Confrérie there wishes to twin with the Goustevin with the inaugural chapter there.

As regards international events later in the year, with the current resurgence of coronavirus in several European countries and the ongoing situation in the United States, it is looking increasingly unlikely that planned Chapitres will take place. Members will be kept informed by email as each situation develops.


Indianapolis Chapter Date Confirmed ~ Sunday 4th October 2020

Members interested in principle should contact Nicol. A weekend programme will be laid on and there is plenty scope to add on a wine visit (e.g. Finger Lakes in New York State) or do your
own thing elsewhere in the States. More details to follow.


Also October 2020

Projected Educational Evening (maximum numbers about 20 due to space restrictions) at either the Malt Room (34, Church Street) or Macgregor’s (109, Academy Street) in Inverness. Negotiations are this space!

Rouen Chapter Date Confirmed ~ Saturday 21st November 2020

If sufficient interest a 3-day or so visit to Burgundy may be organised.

Indications to Nicol Manson, 23 Island Bank Road, Inverness tel 07774 695640.


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