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Upcoming Events for Goustevin Scotland

Goustevin Rouen 55th Anniversary and Gala Dinner

The Grand Connetable of the Confrérie, Joel Laurent, has now confirmed that the 55th Anniversary & Gala Dinner will go ahead in Rouen on Saturday 22 October 2022.

The Gala Dinner & Dance will start after the induction ceremony with several "Amuse Bouches" with Champagne followed by a 4-course dinner with fine accompanying wines at each course. The cost per person will be 125 Euros.

Our Normandy friends are keen to have a Scottish presence and, mindful of the rising costs of transport etc, have offered "at home" accommodation to those who would like to take up. Please note that no particular programme of visits has been arranged on this occasion but, if sufficient members attend from other countries, suitable arrangements will be made.

Further information about the event has already been emailed to all Goustevin Members.

Members interested in going to Rouen should contact Connetable Nicol Manson for further information. Travel arrangements will be up to the individual to arrange.


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